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Musings of My Mind

  1. Regarding woulda, shoulda, coulda...

    04/23/10 23:06:18 | 0 Comments

    It's always easier to look back and see clearly what might have been.

    I think those of us who are in our middle life do that with greater frequency and proficiency.

    There is nothing wrong with that to a point. But, I also think that the paths most of us take in life are the ones we would have inevitably taken for the most part. Hindsight is good, but not if it used to magnify regrets and self-inflict a beating upon ourselves. It should be used as an assessment and learning tool to help guide us from this point on.

    Now, that said, if I had to do it over again, the main turning points and choices of my life would probably be scripted the same. However, if I could turn back the hands of time...

    ...I would have spent less time worrying about things in general. I've learned they often work out for the good for the most part.

    ...I would have spent more time fully enjoying the moment rather than being distracted by the next...
  2. There is no news in that...

    04/18/10 10:14:34 | 8 Comments

    A little while ago, I got to talking to my daughter and figured it would be a good way to update people regarding my husband by getting active on facebook. I have done a bit of that, but I've also connected with some people I've known back in the day.

    I've also joined a site connected to my old high school, mainly out of curiosity more than anything else.

    It struck me as very interesting that the majority of the people I've met through these sites who I've gone to school with are still married. Not divorced and remarried, either; the original partner. And if not the original partner, most who have remarried have been in their second relationship for a while.

    Some of these people met in high school or college--they were quite young when they married. Others had a career for a while before settling down. Some have divorced and remarried, but no third marriages that I know of and they remain with their current partners.

    I realize that...